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Disinfection Cleaning
Disinfection Cleaning is used to kill germs on surfaces which helps from preventing spreading germs, viruses, bacteria, and more. staying consistent with disinfection cleaning helps reduces the risk of spreading. Typically areas that are touched frequently throughout the day. 
  • High and Low Touch Points: Door Knobs, Handles, File Cabinets, Water Fountains, Chairs, Tables, Light Switches, Phones, Copier/Printer, Doors, Keyboards, Handrails, Frames, AND MORE. 
  • ​Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Disinfection Cleaning Services.
Cleaning Service 
All cleaning services are customize to fit your business needs to better serve your business. We offer flexible cleaning services around the clock that provides professional day to day thorough cleaning functions.
  • Guaranteed Cleaning Results and Customer Satisfaction
  • Day and Night Cleaning Services
  • ​Cleaning Outsourcing
  • ​30-90 Day Cleaning Trial Available Before Committing into a Cleaning Contract.  
  • ​Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Cleaning Services
Floorcare Service
Floor Care plays a huge factor in cleaning services and is a must to maintain the cleanliness of the floors. Floors are heavily used and attract a lot of wear and tear from ongoing traffic, dirt, spills, and more. Well Kept or not well kept floors is the first thing you notice when walking into a building. Floor care is one of many first impression to any visitors, employees, etc.
  • Buffing/Burnishing
  • Stripping & Waxing
  • ​Scrub & Re-coat 
  • ​Grout Cleaning 
  • ​Carpet Cleaning
  • ​Power Washing
  • ​Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Floorcare Services
Day Porter Service 
A Day Porter Cleaner is a very valuable position in everyday cleaning throughout the day shift. Day Porters are used to maintain the facility first impression and facility cleaning needs. 
  • Restroom Cleaning/ Restocking
  • ​Entrance/Lobbying Cleaning
  • ​Common Areas
  • ​Trash Removal
  • ​Spot Cleaning
  • ​Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Cleaning Services
Quality Control Inspection (QCI)
Quality Control Inspection is a very important protocol we use on a daily and monthly basis. QCI is a valuable routine for our cleaners on a daily to assure the cleanliness of the customer property. Once a month management will conduct a monthly cleaning inspection report of all cleaning areas and project work of the property and will be responsible for generating the report to building management so they are always aware of the cleanliness of there property. 
  • Guaranteed Proven Results and Customer Satisfaction
  • ​Cleaners Daily QCI Assignment Sheet checkoff
  • ​Property Monthly Cleaning Report Done By United Environmental Services LLC Management
Upholstery Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning also plays a very important factor in cleaning services. Over a period of time upholstery will contain a lot of dirt, odor, stains, and more from various of people sitting on the furnisher on a daily basis. maintaining the cleanliness of your upholstery will be a highly suggested recommendation on a as needed basis or once a year or even maybe once every 2 years depending on the traffic volume. 
  • Customize Services Are Available
Facilities We Service
We offer services to various of commercial properties thats looking for quality cleaning with proven results and a proven cleaning system that works.
  • Healthcare/Medical Services
  • ​Retail
  • ​Restaurants
  • ​Educational Facilities
  • ​Car Dealerships
  • ​Grocery Stores
  • ​Banks
  • ​Office Buildings
  • ​Dental
  • ​Apartment Buildings
  • ​Government Contracting

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